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Starting January 9th, we opened the doors on our Patreon account. Patreon allows you to support indie artists, like us, on a regular basis. Support from Patrons like you helps to keep great indie film – like our award-winning A Perfect Circle or the ongoing transmedia sci-fi story Project Mammoth – coming your way regularly.

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Our first monthly goal for is $120 per month which will help with feeding the cast and crew of Project Mammoth: Awakening during filming this month. They’re pretty awesome people, and food keeps them that way. Become a real patron of the arts for as little as $1 a month by supporting iNHale Film Productions on Patreon!

How Your Support Helps

Using a lot of craft, skill, and with support from our awesome crew and cast we were able to film the pilot on a shoe-string budget. In total we spent about $7,000 to bring the pilot of Project Mammoth: Awakening to life for viewers to enjoy and expect to spend almost $16,000 more in order to continue to put the same kind of quality into our production of season 1. While we have done our best to minimize the costs for the full season by creating some costumes, props, and 3D environments that can be re-purposed or reused, we’ll need the support of the Project Mammoth community and backers like you in order to realize our goal of giving you a full season of Project Mammoth: Awakening.

Our estimated budget is below. It represents minimal costs, and we know we will often have to rely on cast and crew to donate time or skills to make this small budget production happen. Backing our IndieGoGo campaign for Project Mammoth: Awakening is all about helping make this amazing sci-fi web series possible. We hope you’ll follow Project Mammoth and back us starting May 27th when our crowdfunding campaign kicks off!

Production Item Cost
2 principle actors for 66 shooting days at $40 per day $5,280.00
4 secondary character for 30 days at $30 per day $3,600.00
Craft Services 66 filming days at $75 per day for 10+ cast/crew members $4,950.00
3D Models/scene lighting and texturing for 16 models at $50 per model $ 800.00
Rendering (minimum of 2370 hours) $995
Total production costs $15,625.00

Shooting is Wrapped for Project Mammoth: Awakening

After over 6 months of pre-production and 8 days of shooting, the pilot for Project Mammoth: Awakening has finally moved into post production! Along the way there have been casting calls, 3d artist modeling, cast table readings, costume fittings, prop construction, story boarding, scheduling, shot list creation and so much more!

We’ve been lucky to have such a wonderful and talented cast and crew help bring this project to life, and I can’t wait to be able to share it with everyone – beginning with the premiere at Space City Comic Con in Houston in May. We look forward to seeing you there or at the screening at Comicpalooza in June.  And while I still have the task of editing and compositing the pilot left to do, I thought I’d take the time to share a few moments from behind the scenes of the making of the Project Mammoth: Awakening pilot. Enjoy!

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Green Screen Tips & Tricks: Incorporating keyed footage

As a little break between green screen how-to’s, I thought I’d share a couple films I created that give you an idea of ways in which you can incorporate green screen footage. The first, Come Play With Me,  won a Silver Remi at the 2015 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival.

The green screen footage was employed to allow the character to be shrunk on screen and be placed over a series of stop-motion stills. This entire film was written, shot and edited all within the course of a couple days, and almost entirely by myself. The green screening was accomplished in the same small living room that is pictured in the film. I point this out to show you what can be accomplished with limited time and resources. All it takes is a little know how and drive.

This second short film, A Perfect Circle, was created as part of the 2015 Zone Film Race. Teams are given a line of dialogue, a character and 7 days to creat a short sci-fi film. My entry, again created with just a few people, took 4th place overall and won Best Costumes and Best Visual FX.

This film uses almost entirely green screened footage. The composited backgrounds were all created in 3D during the 7 days of film making by myself and three other 3d artists. While creating your entire environment can be somewhat time consuming, it gives you the ability to match all your camera shots perfectly to your footage, as well as your lighting. Not to mention, it makes location scouting and set building a breeze!